Have A Go Saturdays

Want to try shooting a Pistol or Rifle?9mm Pistol

Book a Saturday session today.

No experience needed.

Every shooter has their own Range Officer to teach safe handling and firing of the weapon and to supervise their session.

It’s a fun way to experience the sport of shooting.

If, after your session, you’d like to take up the sport, we have courses you can enrol in to get you on your way to obtaining your weapons licence.

Book your Saturday session now by email southport@ssaaqld.org.au or

by phone: 07 5591 3777 or via text: 0499 824 621.

Closed in shoes and current Government issued Photo ID required when attending your booked session.

Junior shooters aged 11 to 15yrs are restricted to .22 cal rifle.

Absolutely MANDATORY that they have approved photographic ID.